From the Top Alumni Selected to Tour with National Youth Orchestra

Eric Goldberg, age 16 (Show 244, Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Eric Goldberg, age 16 (Show 244, Kalamazoo, Michigan)

From the Top wishes to extend warmest congratulations to all of the young performers, including eleven From the Top alumni, who were chosen to be part of the National Youth Orchestra this summer! Each summer, Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute brings together 120 of the nation’s top young classical musicians to tour some of the world’s musical capitals as musical ambassadors. These young performers were accepted into this prestigious orchestra after a challenging and comprehensive audition process. Led by James Ross, the associate director of The Julliard School’s conducting program and director of orchestral activities at the University of Maryland, the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America will tour from July 11 to July 22, 2013, performing in Washington D.C., then Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and finally, London. Congratulations and best of luck to our remarkable alumni!

Annika Jenkins, age 16 (Show 234, Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Annika Jenkins, age 16 (Show 234, Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Erika Gray (Show 262, Greensburg, Pennsylvania)

Nora Doyle (Show 270, Athens, Georgia)

Amy Semes (Show 239, Ocean City, New Jersey; Show 246, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Annie Wu (Show 263, Davis, California)

Eric Goldberg (Show 206, Dallas, Texas; Show 244, Kalamazoo, Michigan; Show 271, New Albany, Ohio)

Annika Jenkins (Show 234, Virginia Beach, Virginia)

Demi Fang (Show 239, Ocean City, New Jersey)

Sean Byrne (Show 252, Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Elizabeth Sperry (Show 240, Boston, Massachusetts)

Jacob Mezera (Show 214, Iowa City, Iowa; Show 238, Chicago, Illinois)

Tanner Jackson (Show 214, Iowa City, Iowa)

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  1. Make that 11 FTT Alums – Nora Doyle of the Hartman, Warren, Doyle Piano Trio (show 270) is also headed for the NYO. Congratulations to all! And show 270 is right around corner!

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