Alumna’s Father Wins Grammy

Photo courtesy of Robert Aldridge

If you followed all of the Grammy news from this past week, you may have heard that Robert Aldridge won the Grammy for best contemporary classical composition. As it turns out, he’s the father of alumna Micaela Aldridge, who recently performed an excerpt from his opera on From the Top’s Show 242 in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Mr. Aldridge’s opera, Elmer Gantry, is based on the Sinclair Lewis novel and was premiered in Nashville in 2007. The opera, created with librettist Herschel Garfein, also received the award for Best Engineered Album, Classical, which went to Sound Mirror.

It appears that Micaela had a night with the stars when she got to accompany her father down the red carpet! We congratulate Mr. Aldrige on the opera’s win and are very proud that Micaela performed a selection from the Grammy-winning opera for us just a couple months ago!

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  1. A very talented little Lady and with two very talented parents. Dad a Grammy Composer and Mother a very talent Artist.. A real winning group from the talented Gene pool. I wish them all the very best of luckand happiness

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