Arts Leadership Spotlight: Musical Diplomacy

This guest post is from Brian Kaufman and Michael Reichman, recipients of From the Top’s Margaret Stewart Lindsay Arts Leadership Award. It is the first of a series of updates about their project: Musical Diplomacy.

Brian Kaufman and Michael Reichman

Hi everyone!
Brian Kaufman and Michael Reichman here at New England Conservatory in Boston! We are both really interested in music and community projects centered on social issues. Last year we thought to ourselves: “Selves, how can we create an experience that grabs the listener and gets them thinking about music in a different way?” That’s when we came up with Musical Diplomacy an ongoing project bringing together leading policymakers, teachers, musicians, and concerned citizens for an inspiring evening of music and dialogue.

On May 14 in Boston we are hosting a “Concert and Discussion on Race and Culture in the Age of Obama” Continue reading


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