The Parents’ Perspective: What if Talent Outweighs Passion?

A recent fan comment inspired this next installment in The Parents’ Perspective. A few weeks ago, Jenni asked us: “How do you handle a child who is very gifted musically but hates it? My 13 year old son hates to practice and has no real desire or motivation to excel, but has a talent and […]

The Parents’ Perspective: Skipping School for the Sake of Music

For our fourth blog of The Parents’ Perspective we asked for both parent and reader feedback on which topic to discuss – skipping school for the sake of music, or dealing with stage fright and nerves. Both are great (and important) topics, but we had overwhelming interest in discussing the matter of skipping school for […]

The Parents’ Perspective: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Welcome to our third installment of the Parents’ Perspective – a mini blog series for parents, by parents, to lend advice, share stories, and more about raising musical children. You can also read past posts on music resources and musical beginnings. Today’s topic is on practicing: How’d you get your kids to do it? What schedule […]

The Parents’ Perspective: Now What?

This is the second installment of our Parents’ Perspective blog series, which is meant to share information, hints, and knowledge about raising musical kids. You can read the first blog about musical beginnings here. Today’s topic: Your kid wants to study an instrument – now what? Our parent panel gives some tips on finding music […]

The Parents’ Perspective: Musical Beginnings

As you know, From the Top showcases the best young musical talent from across the country. But what about the support behind these amazing kids – the parents? We’ve set out to tap into the rich knowledge base of From the Top performer parents in an effort to share information, stories, and encouragement on raising […]

The Parents’ Perspective: Reactions to Amy Chua’s “Tiger Mom” Tactics

Welcome to the fifth installment of The Parents’ Perspective – a mini blog series for parents by parents, to lend advice and share stories about raising musical children. For this post we’ve taken a slight detour in format. Blogger Katheryn Rivas approached us with an idea that we adapted for The Parents’ Perspective. Katheryn wrote […]

Franz Zhao and the Youth Music Society Bring Joy to the San Francisco Community

“I imagine these experiences will be invaluable to my future, where I will continue to provide music for those who are willing to accept it.” Ever since he was young, composer, pianist, and From the Top Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award recipient Franz Zhao (Show 257) has seen the inspiring effect that music can have […]


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