On the Road with Joanne Robinson: Show #205 Waco, TX

Howdy from the Lone Star State! Do you know we’ve done more tapings in Texas than anywhere else in the country?

Jones Concert Hall

Jones Concert Hall at Baylor University

We just drove to Dallas, where we have a taping tomorrow, from Waco, where we had a show at Baylor University’s Jones Concert Hall last night (thanks to the folks at KWBU). It was one of the most eclectic shows we’ve ever done (you’ll hear it the week of Feb. 1). It had a little bit of everything, from a country fiddle tune to a cello serenade, a virtuosic violin piece, a patriotic favorite, and a dramatic fugue played on Jones Hall’s gorgeous pipe organ!

Plus, one of our earliest performers, bassoonist Lamont Barlow from way back on show #2, joined us as our 10th Anniversary Alumni guest. He’s a brilliant 26-year-old physician now, but he hasn’t lost a bit of his musical chops, and he and Chris played beautifully together.

Check out this footage I got backstage before the show. Cellist Nathaniel Smith and guitarist Simon Stipp started jamming together and improvising on all sorts of tunes. Enter Joanne and her handy Flip cam! Here are Nathaniel and Simon playing “Sweet Georgia Brown.”


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