Somewhere in Middle America



-Kathryn J Bacasmot

Living on the East Coast for the past five years has given me plenty of practice in verbally defending my home state, Nebraska. I have honestly grown to relish the laundry list of questions, the looks of disbelief, and the subsequent thinly veiled attempts to recover and come off sounding politely intrigued: “You’re from where? Oh…really? I thought you were from somewhere around here! So…what’s Nebraska like? Is it next to Tennessee? I’m horrible with geography” (self-deprecation = extra point).

Casual observation might leave a monotonous first impression as seemingly endless rows of corn, soybeans, or just vast plots of flat earth, grate on the eyeballs of the I-80 driver. I might have even heard it compared to the constant drip from the leaky upstairs bathroom faucet. But, I like to think of my Nebraska as a long, stunning, piece of minimalist music. Continue reading


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